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Nanny and Babysitting

Babysitting and Childcare
support for families at home

  • We all cherish the time we have with our children, but it is also important for parents to schedule some children free, social time in their lives.
  • There will be times in your lives when a grandma, aunt, or relative of choice will not be available to help you out, these are the times you will need a babysitter.

When you need us - we are here to help you.

JoannasLittleHelpers want to give you the opportunity to have that ‘time-out’ and to enjoy yourselves whilst ensuring your children are safe, happy and in good familiar hands.

Choosing a babysitter can be a very daunting task, there are so many factors to take into consideration. Here at JoannasLittleHelpers (JLH) we aim to make this process as relaxing and reassuring as possible.

What We Offer

  • Child free, social time for parents
  • Time out to enjoy yourselves
  • Cover when your normal support is not available
  • Easy, stress free arrangement of childcare

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Our Services

  • Babysitting
  • Nanny
  • Nanny Share
  • Teachers & Tutors
  • After School Nanny
  • Parent Help

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Why JLH?

  • Flexible options for evening babysitting, day time childcare and nanny placements - service tailored to each families needs
  • Fees that are realistic, simple and open - no hidden charges
  • A selected and trusted network of helpers - all DBS checked and interviewed personally
  • Planned approach with attention to detail - maintaining the highest standards
  • We build long lasting relationships with families for peace of mind and re-assurance

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